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While strong companies working in any of our focus areas may be considered, preference will be given to companies offering immediate solutions. Below are our current priority project areas.

For additional info on project specs, please contact info@mercernext.com  


Technologies that focus on employee assessment and skills measurement, industry needs projection and trends analysis, educational and job training, as well as skills and job matching tools will be a fit for this category — in light of globalization, automation, and other key technological trends.


Chatbots and related technologies, particularly those that can help support and simplify interactions between employees of large organizations and HR systems, such as in recruitment, onboarding, operations, etc.  Areas of particular interest include chatbot integration and consolidation services, NLP and core AI tech, database analysis and ingestion into conversational systems, and voice-to-chat offerings.


Startups working to create actionable insights into enterprise HR systems through big data, especially historical and trend datasets in areas such as HRIS (demographic info, geography, salary, etc), health insurance (plan type, contributions, FSA spending, etc), and retirement savings (eligibility status, contribution percentages, balances, etc.)


Technologies that can help utilize and support a company’s aging/retiring employees, specifically products and tools focused on skills development, job assessment and career advancement, health and wellness services, social engagement and self-development, and financial guidance will be considered for this category.


Technologies focused on the small and medium sized enterprise (SME) market, specifically onboarding and documentation (e.g. HRIS), training and employee education, culture, surveys, and engagement, performance review and analysis, payroll systems and analysis, benefits and savings plans, and time-off and attendance tracking will be considered for this category.


Virtual Reality presents unique opportunity to create presence, immersion, and deep understanding, with significant potential for areas of the human resource lifecycle, from recruiting and interviewing, to onboarding and training, to remote work and telepresence, to employee cultural education. We’re currently seeking innovators with technologies, production capabilities, and other resources able to help create cutting edge VR experiences for the enterprise, particularly around micro-aggression, diversity, and sexual harassment training.